What is Bexar County Emergency Scene Rehab?

rehab_patch_paint_jpgBexar County E.S.R. (BCESR), aka Rehab, is a 501 (c)(3) public charity organization under IRS tax laws.

Our job is to go on all types of emergency scenes, when requested, to provide Emergency Personnel with the rehabilitation needed to continue the job until it is done. These jobs include, but are not limited to, hydration, food, shelter, onsite medical, monitoring the personnel & any & all other duties that are given to us by the onsite Incident Commander.

Sandy Oaks VFDExamples of scenes that we respond to are

  • Grass / brush fires
  • Structure fires
  • Extended Fire and Police scenes
  • Hazardous materials fires
  • Searches for missing persons

Bexar County E.S.R. receives no public / governmental tax funding.  Our services are always provided free, however, we do depend upon donations to finance our operations.